Monday, March 8, 2010

Farmville Faggots and Mafia Monkeys

NOW we have some real lifeless morons stuck to various browser based games on facebook like Mafia wars and Farmville. Needless to say, I was one of those morons who out of sheer curosity took out a major chunk of my time to waste on this monkey crap.

Its funny to see people talking about their levels and mafia weapons and goats and cows and big fruits! And you get to hear stuff like-

"I own the farm yo!"
"I got more cows than you have underwears brother!"
"Oh shit I need more points to dress my farmer man! BRB!"
"I hate yakuza shit!"
"I am gonna cann your arse tomorow coz I am DON BLASTER!" Yeah right!.

It's almost like they get paid to play these games and make a living out of it. hahah what a cracker! There was this one time that a friend of mine actually had a tiff with me over the computer at 2am coz he wanted to 'level up' his mafia. He wanted my PC and I asked him to get a life, and he comes back at me with a dont-mess-with-me attitude. I asked that skank to get a life, I could have shot that miserable bonehead right there!

Then again, I was once shown a shoe to not join Mafia wars as a part of their Mafia. I played dumb, and later hid his shoe under his mattress and told him, that he could have it back if he humped the other shoe! Which he did! :P

Where are the minds of our youths? If this is the kind of entertainment you guys subscribe to, then you guys are better off being clowns in a circus. Get a life! (Not like I wasn't one of the pansy idiots once upon a time, but I got over this monkey buisness before I could officially be called a lifeless psycho!) :P


  1. ROFLMAO @ i hate the yakuza shit! i've got some faggots all over this zynga crap. cudnt care less bro.

  2. lol i am on level 434 as of today. join my mafia! :P

  3. i agree with you. I never joined the farmville and mafia madness, but people have annoyed me to help them level up n shit... good writing!