Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mr. Crazyvertex

Wow it's been a while since anyone got here, leave alone me! (That's kinda an insult to my blog). This post is about a friend of mine - Crazyvertex. I've known him, since a long time. Say about more than Nine years now. I could write a book on him, and it'd be a fat bestseller. This video I am posting here would say a lot about him. He's not depressed, he's just like this. God wired him this way. This guy sometimes fascinates me. Doesn't talk much, and its amusing to see him alone, when he knows no ones watching him.

He could address a nation standing behind a veil, he would perform the best when nobody is judging, and he'd like to look his best when nobody is seeing. But he's not depressed, nor is he depressive. Whoever knows me well, tends to know this guy as well. Coz I often speak about him. Not that he's anybody important in this world, or doing very well for himself, or at a high post in life. He's very much average, but this guy is a true potential well. This video has been created by him, and he's featured himself in it. He usually likes to remain hidden from the screen and possibly hidden from any exposure. This is perhaps his boldest move in quite a long time - to put himself in this one.

The song in the background is the OST of the movie 'Spun' by Djali Zwan.

Analyzing another human being can get pretty interesting at times if you meet an amusing personality like this one. His editing of the video, shots, split screen concept, zoom levels, blurr and fade, half body images, all add to his show, and his talent, that perhaps goes unnoticed most of the time. Click on the link below to view the video. The video opens in the same window, so you'd want to press Ctrl with the click to open it in a new tab.



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