Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bigger Picture

2nd December 2009, 0215 hrs

NATIONS rise and fall under great leaders. The great names that we know today, did deeds that no normal human could have done in their lifetime. They were super-human people who changed the world, generated massive movements and changed minds at the very individual level. Yet, today, those names have been eroded away by the timeless winds. They were born just like you and I, did things like you and I, and passed into the history silently. They have left traces, but they are only traces. They are impermanent and ephemeral and very easily forgotten by those who live-on in the times which were brought to them through their ultimate sacrifices. The real life Hero’s of their times have evanesced, met the dust. Their presence, their charismatic personalities will never be felt nor perceived again. They are lost in time, and as we wade through our lifetime, those feelings will be long lost, those thoughts would cease to exist in our minds. And before long, each trace of the Great Men who once lived among us, will be lost forever.

Great Men live, become popular, become great leaders, become rich and famous, and are extremely influential people who live a complacent life. But eventually, all perish. Death overcomes all greatness. Death is the ultimate truth. It is a transition from one abode to another. The mere lifetime of a mortal on Earth is miniscule as compared to the vastness and agelessness of the Universe. Death is just a transition of the ‘energy’, the ‘essence’, the ‘life force’ to traverse from place to place in the Cosmos, where an individual life lives on for a small period of time before moving into another realm elsewhere. Earth, the planet we live on, is just one of the billion realms, where life of an individual will exist for a short while. It is a possibility that man neither knows of, nor can hope to know of. It is beyond his scope, and hence beyond any argument.

We’re travelers, and this is the road. Death is a checkpoint which you pass, to find your next destination. Our current destination is here, the Earth. The next destination will be known when we pass the ‘checkpoint’. The luckiest, or perhaps the cursed among us will live for anywhere around 100 years and this period is a
negligible cosmos time. There has to be something beyond the little window period of the ‘life’ that we live here, on the Earth. If divinity was to look at us from up above, it’d see our lives pass away in one mili-second. We were born, finished our lifetime and died in what was just a mili-second for it. Such is the vastness of time and distance of the universe, that it makes a lifetime on Earth a cipher. And hence, we should perceive the concept of Death at a totally different level altogether. Life is so important, that it cannot have a significance of a mere 100 years in the entire cosmos. There is more to Life after Death and this is certain.

We came into the world alone and we’re going to go alone. This journey from checkpoints to checkpoints will also be taken alone. It’s a truth of life that we know, but still dismiss it and keep it at bay. If everyone could think about their lives this way, why would we fight and kill each other after all? Why fight over religion, property, love, wealth at all? Greatness is greed. The Greatness of the Great Men will eventually disappear and all that will remain of them will be nothing! All the violence, wars, battles, deaths, sins, crimes is ‘Maya’-the sinful force that drives every sinner. And Maya is the result of a Mans inability to realize the truth about his true destiny.

All life is sacred. And life is magic. Science itself cannot describe what ‘consciousness’, ‘memory’ and ‘pain’ exactly are! No science can ever create consciousness. And life is that consciousness, without which, it is just physical matter. And it is at this point, that Science cannot question the ‘Magic of Life’. At one point of time in his life time, every man thinks about his own existence. He realizes that Death is the truth and absolutely certain. Before such realization,
thoughts of his demise don’t bother him. He takes life for granted, and convinces himself there is enough time to live and he could die another day. But dismissing such thoughts is also Maya. However, it is extremely difficult for a man to thwart Maya and keep it at the fringes of his actions. Those few people who are known to have done so are not mundane. They know the truth, and they are the few who are not the slaves of their senses. They are different people. They are not like you and me. They know much more than we do, and they will not waste their time educating people like us, whose minds are fogged by ignorance and incognizance. The more we disregards the truth, the longer we shall remain away from peace, truth and the significance of life on the true scale, -the scale which includes our own present life.

If the destruction of any form of life is a sin, then why is birth not a sin? Every power in the Universe attains equilibrium through balancing all forces, physical and spiritual. Similarly, there has to be a cosmic balance between life and death. If the power of giving life is in the hands of mortals made by the divinity, then why is the authority to extinguish life not with us? Why is it a sin to terminate any life? It is a sin to end life, because the lifetime of every life force in the universe has its finite time, and every living thing has the right to live through that lifetime, and undertake its journey in solitude, trying to seek the ultimate truth of the “Bigger Picture”.


  1. Birth is a sign of creativity. Death symbolises destructiveness.
    Hence you cant have both in same outlook.
    However, the way you put is interesting

  2. My entire outlook was to potray Death as a symbol of creativity just as much as birth symoblises creativity. Its a kaalchakra.

  3. maut ek khayal hai jaise jindagi ek khayal hai ...
    na sukh hai na dukh hai na dil hai na duniya..

  4. the relationship between human age and the size of universe makes sense to me, u've got a vp here...

  5. this is good literature.

  6. new views are always appreciated.

  7. thumbs up for this.